Latvia SIG #Latvia Re: re Cowan/Schneiderman from Latvia #latvia

Arlene Beare <arl@...>


Friedrichstadt is now Jaunjelgava and if you go to the Latvia SIG
webpage and look at the map you will see it. Follow the river down
from Riga towards Daugavpils. Naira is the same place and was just
another name for it.

Chesnik is a little more difficult. Perhaps Chesniki in the Ukraine.
72km SE of Lviv.
There is Jesenik in the Czech Republic122km NNE of Brno
Jezena in Belarus not on modern maps. Was in Nowogrodek Province.

Just some thoughts.
Arlene Beare

Anne Brest wrote:
Is there an online map of Latvia that I can access? I am looking for the
whereabouts of three places. Friederichstad, Courland, Latvia, Chesnik
(Jesnik) Latvia, and finally a place nobody has ever heard of called Niara,
Latvia. Is there a place called Niara? I am working on a family tree for

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