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Barbara Mannlein

The only Jews elected to that position were: Lewis Wormser (1876) who died before taking office,   Robert Briscoe 1956, 1961, and his Ben Beiscoe in 1988.

Jews elected in other parts of the country were:
1555,                   William Annyas             Mayor of Youghal (County Cork),  
1569, 1576, 1581, Francis Annyas (Ãnes)   Mayor of Youghal, 
1899, 1904,          Otto Yaffe,                    Lord Mayor of Belfast, 
1977,                   Gerald Goldberg,           Lord Mayor of Cork.  
The Annyas were Sephardic.

Perhaps a relative worked for one of them….. and the family embroidered the story.

Barbara Mannlein
Tucson, AZ

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My family is from Lithuania (Kovno Guburnia - Gudel/Godeliai) KAGAN/COHEN 
Family lore has it that a cousin was Lord High Mayor of Dublin.  This was before 1970.  Perhaps not even Dublin.   Any ideas of how to solve this mystery.   I would say it was fantasy except that the same story was repeated by a family member who I did not grow up knowing.

We are NOT related to Briscoe but could there be another one?


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