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Avi Lishower <lishower@...>

hello Robert

in your letter >from the 2 May you mention family KEILMAN my father
sister Masha LISHAUER married in 4.1.1941 Aaron KEILMAN they married
in Libau (Liepaja).
This KEILMAN origin is >from Skudas Lithuania do you think there is
family connection between the mention family with those mention in
your letter

best regards

Avi Lishower
Ashdod Israel

At 08:00 03/05/05, you wrote:
Subject: HOLL=C4NDER and ZINNEMANN family >from Mitau/Jelgava?
From: =3D?ISO-8859-1?Q?=3D22Robert_Alexander_Ren=3DE9_Dupuis=3D22?=3D=
Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 08:46:14 +0200 (MEST)

... snip...
Alexander ben Nathan HOLL=C4NDER was married with Karoline/Kreine/
Isaakovna KEILMANN (b. 1844 in Riga; daughter of the career Isaak ben Feibus
KEILMANN and Jette Hinde COHN) on June 10, 1873 in Riga.
Karoline KEILMANN was the youngest sister of my late great-greatgrandfather
the concillour of state and knight Philipp Isaakovitsch KEILMANN <.

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