Latvia SIG #Latvia Re: estates near Grobin in Kurland #latvia


I don't have any information but I am very interested in these
estates too. My mother's family the Schlossbergs had an estate
in the Jekabpils-Illuxte area >from the early 19th century on
and I would like to find out more about what an estate was

Roger Mason, Ph.D.
Miami, Fl

From: "koshka" <>
Date: 2005/05/26 Thu PM 07:26:10 EDT

I just received wonderful information >from the Latvian Archives.
They said my Great-Grandfather, David GREENSPON, lived near Grobin
(which is in Kurland) for more than 20 years. He first lived in
the inn-house Staben of the Bukamens estate and then moved to
estate Mezheneken.

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