Latvia SIG #Latvia Re: PODBORSKY; Riga; 1920-1941 #latvia

Tim Baker <tbaker@...>

Based on information >from "Riga City House Registers" and
"Collection of Passports of Riga Prefecture," at the Latvian
State Historical Archives, Judith (Judis), aka Chana-Beila, JOFFE
daughter of Naphtali JOFFE, was born July 6, 1890 in Kovno
province, now Lithuania. In 1920 in Riga she married
Abram PODBORSKY and they lived at Matisa Street 45, Apt. 44.
On Sept. 24, 1941 she was struck off the house register
as having moved to the ghetto. Records of the 1945 Soviet
Extraordinary Commission state that Judith Podborsky
was killed by the Nazis in 1941.

Does anyone know of any PODBORSKY descendants
from the region of Latvia who may have survived?
Tim Baker
Bellingham WA

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