Latvia SIG #Latvia Re: Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Latvia and Estonia #latvia

Barbara Krueger <krueger@...>

I tried to order it and only found it was for the UK. So I sent a message
like this and got a lot of replies >from people saying how to order. I
went back to the site and found it was still not there. I finally ordered
it by sending a check in the mail to England. I'll see if it produces the
book or not. But, like you I think it is all too iffy. Now someone says
it is sold out.

My husband has Rabinowitz's but don't know where that branch is from.
Will send your email for him to check.

Barbara Krueger


I have tried to order this book several times without success.
> Each time I am told "Sorry there is no listing yet."
> Is this the Mall's way of telling me that the book is out of stock?
> Joan Moskowitz Goldstein
> Jerusalem, Israel (formerly New York City)
> Email replies to
> Researching descendants of :
> GUTMAN, BASCH of Siemiatycze of Bialystok Gubernia (now Poland).
> MORSCHOVITZ, RABINOWITZ of Glazmanka (Gostini) Vitebsk Gubernia (now
> Latvia).

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