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Barry Shay


For planning purposes, I'd like to get a better idea of who and how many
Latvia SIGgers will be attending the IAJGS conference in NYC this coming
summer. We will be having a luncheon and two meetings to better meet the
needs of the SIG. Suggestions are welcomed regarding business issues and
genealogy topics you'd like to discuss and/or present at any of the SIG
venues. If you would like to present something that you think would be of
interest to the attendees please contact me. Siggers would like to hear
about interesting genealogy finds, accounts of recent visits to Latvia,
research tips and trips, etc., so don't be shy - become an active
participant and add value to your Latvia SIG experience.


Thanks to the efforts of Sarah Krein, our new webmaster, the Latvia SIG
website is being updated and improved. You can now download many Latvia SIG
newsletters that have only been available in hard copy previously. We are
trying to make all newsletters printed >from January 1996 until one year
prior to the current issue available to download. Paid members, of course,
will continue to receive the latest newsletters. More upgrades in style and
content are being planned.

Dave Howard is still recovering >from extensive hand surgery, but promises to
be back at his computer developing the Dvinsk Shtetlink as soon as he can.
We all wish Dave the best for a speedy recovery.

Barry Shay
President, Latvia SIG

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