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Robin Aaronson <robin@...>

Sue Levy wrote:

I received today a package >from the Latvia State Archive, containing
information about my ancestors in Friedrichstadt and elsewhere, with
full translations of documents.

An extremely thorough piece of work, which I'll check against what I
already have. I've spotted one discrepancy of names, which I'll query
with them.

I think this has been money well spent.
I too have just received a package >from the State Archive and am
very pleased with what they have discovered about my ancestors.
The information that registrants were required to fill in on the
documents is revealing in itself. There is a list of Jewish
families living in Mitau-Bausk who did not originate >from Courland.
It asks questions like "Whether he has a craft certificate, when
issued and in what craft, or any other documents giving a clear
right of residence."

The one that intrigues me is "Position as to property qualification",
to which the answer in the case of my gg father is that he earned
1-1.5 roubles a week.

Does anyone know where I could research what rights went with what
level of income and how rich or poor one would be on 1-1.5 roubles
a week?

Robin Aaronson
Bristol, UK

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