Latvia SIG #Latvia Yizkor Book Project Report for March 2006 #latvia

Joyce Field

For the month of March 2006 the Yizkor Book=20
Project added seven new books, four new entries,=20
and nine updates. All translations are indexed=20
and new material can be identified by flags.

New books:

-Belz, Ukraine
-Bialystok, Poland
-Braslaw, Belarus
-Lanovtsy, Ukraine
-Pinkas HaKehillot Polin, volume VIII: Vilna *=20
Bialystok * Nowogr=F3dek districts:=20
(indexed under Regions). Only Table of Contents=20
is available now
-Poland and her Jews 1941-1944: new research=20
paper by Robin O'Neil:=20
(indexed under Miscellaneous)
-Sadagora, Ukraine: The Jewish Vatican in Sadagora, Volume I)

New entries:

-Abony, Hungary: Pinkas HaKehillot Hungary
-Albert-Irsa, Hungary: Pinkas HaKehillot Hungary
-Rava Ruska, Ukraine: Pinkas Polin, volume II
-Sokolow Podlaski, Poland: Pinkas Polin, volume VII


-Bolekhov, Ukraine
-Jewish Music in Poland
-Lyakhovichi, Belarus
-Nowy Sacz, Poland
-Podgaytsy, Ukraine
-Rzeszow, Poland
-Shumskoye, Ukraine
-Sosnowiec, Poland
-Vysokoye, Belarus

Please remember that genealogy is not a spectator=20
sport. In order to expland our knowledge of our=20
ancestral towns we need contributions of=20
translated material or money to support hiring=20
professional translators. So consider=20
volunteering to translate material >from your=20
ancestral shtetl's yizkor book or donating money=20
to the fundraising projects listed at=20
Making a contribution to JewishGen to support the=20
infrastrucure of the Yizkor Book Project is vital=20
for the continued growth and development of this=20

Contact me privately if you can translate from=20
Hebrew and/or Yiddish and are willing to submit=20
translations to the project.

Hag sameach Pesach.

Joyce Field
JewishGen VP, Data Acquisition

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