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I am registered with the JewishGen - Researcher ID 47419 .

I have a question that I would kindly like to ask the Latvia researchers:

My father, Philip FURST (originally Fissel Furst), mentioned often that he
lived in the city of Saratov in Latvia - he was born 5 July 1905 and
emigrated >from Latvia after the 1st World War for the U.S.A. in about 1922 .

However, when trying to locate Saratov, I see that it is in a different
region altogether.

(Saratov is located in the heart of Volga River Valley Region. Once the
capital of the Lower-Volga region, it is now the center of one of the
biggest provinces in Russia. Saratov province is in the southeast of the
East-European plain in the Lower Volga region, in the latitude between 49
48' and 52 49' north. )

Could it be that during those years, Saratov was indeed a part of Latvia?

Is there more than one city by the name Saratov?

(Other members of my father's family lived in Riga and other Latvian

Looking forward to your reply, with many thanks in advance,

Mrs. Taube Furst Lann,
Eilat, Israel

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