Latvia SIG #Latvia RE: Herman and Deborah Fox, Maurice Moses (Moshe) Flax #latvia

Angie Elfassi

Margaret -
I grew up in Hendon, London, UK and there was a very
famous grocery store in Golders Green(neighbouring
suburb) called FLAX - every Sunday morning my Dad used
to go there and buy delicacies (smoked salmon, shmaltz
herring etc) for our Sunday breakfast.

Hopefully other genners will be able to put you in
touch with this family.

Angie Elfassi

Margot Fox wrote:
....We believe Herman was accompanied to Ireland by
his second wife, a widow named Deborah/Dora FLAX FOX
from Riga ... . Deborah had four daughters and
one son >from her previous marriage to Maurice (Moshe)
Moses FLAX. ...snip...

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