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Jeremy Bloom <jeremy_bloom@...>

Note to ALL >from moderator:
Please remember to write all surnames in CAPITAL LETTERES!

I am researching the above family names who came >from Riga originally
and settled in Manchester, UK in c.1880.

The original spellings may be different >from those I have used above.
In addition, I believe the original family name of the BLOOM's was SHER
(or possible SCHER). BLOOM may have been taken >from a maternal line.

I would be grateful if anyone who has any conections to the following
could email me:

1. Nathan (Nissan) BLOOM, b. c.1855 in Riga. Father possibly called
Michael (or variant)

2. Rebecca Tobe (nee SHER), b. c. 1860

3. Barnett BLOOM b. 1870s (father Isaac?)

4. Abraham (Alec) SHER, b Liverpool c 1900. Moved to Leeds.

5. Akeeva BLOOM. d Manchester c. 1938.

Any information on these gratefully received.

Jeremy Bloom (Leeds UK)

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