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Sue Levy

On our walk around the Old City in Ventspils a few weeks ago, we hunted
down the Summer Synagogue featured in a postcard we bought >from the Jewish
Museum in Riga. The building, not surprisingly located in Synagogue Street
(Sinagogas iela) is in dreadful condition and is used as a factory. We
couldn't get close enough to see any details, because the owner rather
rudely chased us off. He must get tired of tourists looking and
photographing through the gate. It's easily recognizable, by the shape of
the windows (a rectangle flanked by triangles) on the front gable.

Interestingly, someone had scrawled a message on the wooden fence in Hebrew,
and some of the writing was upside down as if the person had climbed up and
leaned over the fence >from the inside. Curious.

We are curious about the very large brick church on the adjacent corner.
Surely this building was also a synagogue originally - it has all the style
of one, including the two staircases inside the front entrance. Can anyone
confirm this?

Sue Levy
Perth, Australia

GUTMAN, WEINER, WESTERMAN (Jaunjelgava, Latvia)

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