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We have just returned >from a trip to Latvia where we visited the forest
cemetery for the town of Gostini, formerly Glazmanka and also known in
Yiddish as Dankere. The cemetery has been restored thanks to the admirable
work of a German Lutheran pastor who has brought volunteer students to
work on the site last summer and this summer. About 250 stones are now in

Many of them are readable and there are more that would be readable with
some professional work. A CD is available >from the pastor.

I can provide contact with an English speaking doctor who lives in the
community and can provide assistance to those who would like to visit
the cemetery. Gostini is very accessible >from Riga; there are direct
buses and trains to Plavinus, the city nearby which is just several
kilometers away.

Anyone interested in more details is welcome to contact me.

Joan Moskowitz Goldstein
Jerusalem, Israel (formerly New York City)
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Researching descendants of :
GUTMAN, BASCH of =A0Siemiatycze of=A0=A0 Bialystok region of Grodno =
Gubernia (now Poland).
MORSCHOVITZ, RABINOWITZ of Glazmanka (Gostini)=A0 Vitebsk Gubernia =A0 =
(now Latvia).

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