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My name is Miron >from Israel, and I would like to use your services to get
information on the following family:

The GLINTERNIK family I think left the city Dvinks in Latvia at June 1940
and since Decemberv 1940 they lived in Riga.
They were struck off the house register on July 16 of 1941 with the note -
not known where.

Rachel GLINTERNIK (BD 5/6/1900 BP Dvinsk), Her father was Elia Hatzkel
SCHWEY (BD 13/11/1873 BP Dinaburg) and her mother was Hinda Frida SCHWEY
(BD 12/10/1877 BP Dinaburg).
Rachel hadat list two sons:
1) Boris GLINTERNIK (BD 26/1/1931 BP Daugavpils)
2) Samuel GLINTERNIK (BD 4/1/1939 BP Daugavpils)
I know that The husbAnd of Rachel and the father of the family kilLed by
the Natzis, his name was: Saul GLINTERNIK, DR. (BD 15/5/1900 BP Dvinsk)

Many Thanks,
Miron Levin, Israel

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