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Evelyn Waldstein

Arie Band <arie_band@...> wrote:

I'm looking for any information or relatives of the
ZELIKOVICH family living in Varaklani before the war.
As far as I know there were 4 or 5 brothers born to
Kalman-Shaya and Rasia.
Their names were Yehuda(Yuka), Leizer, Ilya and Avram.
The 5th brother might have been Moshe.
One source I found claimed that Leizer was the Mayor
of Varaklani.
All brothers were killed.
Visiting here in Israel Channa Luftshein, maiden Fried, I copied some
photographs made in Varaklani before the war and made a lists of names
Channa several years ago was able to provide. On a photo taken at the
cemetery there are Rashel, Reuven, Getzel and Jehuda ZELIKOVITCH. The
last three are children.
The business directory of Varaklani >from 1935 lists one merchant with this
name: Kalman ZELIKOVITCH, owner of grocery store at Rigas Street 33.

I do not know whether these names are on the Yad Vashem lists.

Rosh Hashanah Sameach,
Evelyn Waldstein.

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