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See this reference on the Latvia SIG bibliography:

These names accuse; nominal list of Latvians deported to Soviet Russia in
1940-41. Stockholm: 1951.

Another edition, with an additional list of names:

These names accuse : nominal list of Latvians deported to Soviet Russia in
1940-41 : with supplementary list. 2nd ed. Stockholm: Latvian National
Foundation in cooperation with the World Federation och [sic] Free Latvians,

Description: On June 13-14, 1941, the Soviets deported about 14,000
Latvians, mostly to Siberian labor camps, to purge the country of
'counterrevolutionary elements'. Most of these people were never heard from
again. Approximately 5,000 of those deported were Jews. The first list in
this book was compiled in 1942 >from an inquiry conducted >from relatives and
friends of those deported [although it is questionable how many Jews were
left in Latvia at that point to report their relatives missing]. This list,
published by a Latvian emigre organization, contains 30,000 names of those
who were deported, murdered or reported missing due to Soviet activity
during the entire period of the Soviet occupation during World War II
(1940-41). A supplemental list collected by the World Federation of Free
Latvians is included in the second edition. The second list includes
postwar deportations as well as earlier ones not reported in the first list.
Many of the surnames are Jewish--note that the Latvian spellings are used,
e.g., Feldmanis, Bergmanis.

The first edition is available on LDS microfilm 1183655 (item 2).

Marion Werle

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