Latvia SIG #Latvia Re: Latvian-English dictionaries #latvia

Mary Klevitsky


Here are the links to the free online Latvian-English,
English-Latvian dictionaries:

http://www.geocities DOT com/valtersf.geo/translate/

Velu sekmes! Good luck!

If you have any problems or need any kind of help with that, please
contact me - even though my Latvian is "rusty", I do speak it - I am
originally >from Riga, Latvia. And, by the way, I am going to visit
Riga in September of this year.

Mary Klevitsky

Subject: Latvian to English?
From: "Bea" <blspabas@...>

If anyone knows of a free website where you can type some Latvian
and it automatically translates into English, please email me privately.

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