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Gordon Clark <Gordon.Clark40@...>

I believe my wife's father's family moved >from Mitau, Latvia to Warsaw
around 1870. Philip and Sara NADELMAN would have been 35 and 25 years old
in 1870 and had one or two young children (eventually having 7, their last
being Elie NADELMAN the US sculptor). Philip was a jeweller. I'm not sure
of the correct phrase, but they were "non-practising" Jews; seem to have
been reasonably well off; and spoke several languages, with a preference for
German at home. They are buried in the Warsaw Jewish Cemetary.

I have a number of questions to which I would really appreciate any help
from the group:
- can anyone trace any records of the NADELMANs in Mitau? (I am in touch
with most other NADELMANs on the internet - to no avail!)
- how might I go about finding records for them in Latvia?
- why might a family such as this have made such a move at this time?
- what can we tell >from the family name? Tailor? Am I right in thinking
this might have been "given to them" in the first half of the nineteenth

Any help very much appreciated. I have been stuck for too long.

Gordon Clark

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