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That would indeed be an extremely valuable resource. I've heard there
is an 1860's era map of Dvinsk in a Museum in Daugavpils. I'm hoping
to see it, and perhaps get a snapshot of it when I'm there in late
June/early July.

I'm pleased to find out that Shosseynaya is 18. Novembra iela. Does
anyone know what Mogilevskaya is now called? Some of my family lived
at the intersection of these two streets at 80, 82, 158/78, 156, in
the house of Pavlov, and also worked in the match factory.

Bruce Dumes
Los Angeles, CA

DUMES/DUMESH in Viski/Vishki, Latvia
NOWOSELOK/SILK in Viski/Vishki, Latvia
STEIN in Viski/Vishki or Dvinsk, Latvia
ABELSKY/OBELSKI/OBELSKA in Lodzie/Lozdzieje, Lithuania
KAPLAN in Lodzie/Lozdzieje, Lithuania
ZUCKER/TSUCKER in Serbesti, Romania

On May 11, 2009, at 10:07 PM, Paul Deitch wrote:

I am planning to visit Daugavpils this summer and would like to go
to the
site of the Zaks cigarette factory where two of my great aunts
worked. The
street was originally called Shosseinaya St, now 18. Novembra iela.
Does anyone know, or know how to find out the exact address on this
long street?

In addition does anyone have either an old street map of Daugavpils
(pre-WW2), or a tabulation of old and new street names? This could
be a
useful resource for others.

Paul Deitch/Brit in Germany

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