a re-introduction: KLEIN, LAUFER, REICH #austria-czech


Dear Austriaczechers
I would like to take this opportunity to re-introduce myself. I have
a limited amount of information about my Czech ancestors >from my grandmother,
Estelle Nydorf (nee KLEIN) who was born in NY in 1890 but lived with her
grandparents in Bohemia for part of her childhood.
Jakob and Susanna LAUFER (spelled with an umlaut) were my g g g
grandparents. Jakob was a furrier who died in 1887. In a picture he is a wearing
an impressive embroidered fur hat and strikes me as eastern European looking!
They lived in Potworow a village near Kolleschewitz (Kolesovice). In the
early 20th century, many of their descendants lived in Usti nad Labem and Jablonec
nad Labem.
Their daughter Susanna married Wilhelm REICH (ca 1823-1904) a
butcher in Kolleschewitz. Wilhelm was a relative. Two of their daughters, Rosa (my
g grandmother whom I knew) and her sister Emma moved to New York.
In New York both daughters married Hungarians! Rosa married Max
KLEIN >from Nagymihaly (Mihalovce) close to the Galician border. His family had
lived in this town for generations. Emma married Jacob BAUMGARTEN >from Debrecen
where his family had moved >from Galicia.
I have been particularly interested in recent discussions of the
possibility that some Jews in the vicinity of Kolesovice (e. g. Saaz and
Rakonitz) might have moved them >from Galicia or Hungarian. I would appreciate any
suggestions as to how I might find out if this is the case with the Reichs and


Charles Nydorf
researching the LAUFERs (with an umlaut) and REICHs of Potworow and

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