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It is usually a mistake to assume one alternative at the
exclusion of another. I do not think there is any assumption (or
rule) you can apply as to the surname that a person, born
illegitimate in the eyes of the Austrian Government, used in his
or her later life. You will find anecdotal evidence of these
people using their maternal surnames as well as their paternal
surname. In my family, I have found nobody who ever used their
maternal surname once they emigrated >from Galicia. You really
must research all surnames.

Mark Halpern
Devon, PA, USA

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Thank you for a very good overview of civil marriage among Jews
Austria-Hungary. I was aware of the practice of religious
marriage and the offspring
taking their mother's madien name as their surname. My question
is this: did the
male offspring then keep this maternal surname? Should my
research assume

Hennie Greenland
Scottsdale, AZ

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