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Stephen Weinstein

I have received messages >from at least two different users saying that they
received my follow-up message announcing changes to the tool, but did not have
the link that was in the original message.

Any of the following links should work for the tool for finding the right pages
on the websites of Christine Usdin and the Latvian archives

The .com and .info sites are currently identical, but I might discontinue one in
the future. If either one stops working someday, then switch to using the
other. (The reason that I loaded two copies of the tool onto each domain is
that the servers are case-sensitive.)

Not all the features work if you search for English records only or for original
images only.

It works best if you tell it to search for both. Even if you ultimately want to
see the original images, it is best to search for both, look at the English
first, find the page number, and then look at the original image for that page.
This is much faster than going through all the pages of original images.

Say I am searching for someone born in Dvinsk whose father had a name like Abram
Steingen and whose mother had a name like Chasie Gleek and I do not know the
First, I go to my site and select Dvinsk in the first column, "births" in the
second column, and "all" in the third (years) column. I click "Find original
images and English text" and wait a moment.
Next, I click one of the links for English text, which takes me to Christine's
site. If I do not find the record that I want, then I click the back button to
return to the search results, and try the next English text link.
Eventually, I get to (what
Christine has typed for 1895).
I find that a close match there is a father named Abram-Yankel Leibovich
Shteinga and a mother named Khasa Zusmanovna Glik, that the baby is male, and
that it is on page 7, record 19.
I go back to the search results, find the line for the year 1895, and click the
"Select 1 page to display" link next to the year 1895.
Where it says "Enter desired page number", I enter 7 and click submit.
Another window opens, where I click the link for "Image of page 7 only."
This takes me directly to

which is the correct page.
Two of the records are numbered 19. I look for the one where the 19 is in the
male column.

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, CA

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