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Michael Waas


I'm looking for the FEITELBERG family of Piltene. I reexamined the
Courland Enlistment Registry for Piltene and discovered that listed as
family to my ancestors Abraham and Braine BLUMBERG was a man named
Chatzel FEITELBERG, son of Hirsch, who was 50 in 1871. I also
discovered that my ancestors Itzig LEVENSON, his wife Hanne BLUMBERG,
his father David LEVENSON, and his mother Linna had a much older
couple living with them in 1871. A man named Ruben FEITELBERG, son of
Nachmann, who was 80 in 1871 and his wife Freude.

I believe that all three families are interconnected as there is a lot
of intermarriage in my family between LEVENSON's, BLUMBERG's, and
another related family, the GLAZER's of Piltene.

Thank you for any help.

Best Regards,

Michael Waas
Miami and Sarasota, FL


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