Latvia SIG #Latvia Re: Help finding Records using online Latvian Archives ( #latvia

ann hellman <annmhell@...>

Jason Green wrote: "I recently contacted the Latvian archives and they
ecommended I use their new online website. But I cannot seem to work
out all the headings and find what I'm looking for. Has anyone been able
to use these archives ok? I would like to be able to look
up a few records."

We are so very fortunate that Christine Usdine has
been translating the Latvian Archives. She has not completed the entire
huge document, but you may be fortunate enough that she has done your
town. Go to her site and you will be absolutely amazed at what she done
for all of us searching our Latvian roots. Her tireless efforts have been
a blessing for all of us. I hope you find what you are looking for there.

Ann Meddin Hellman
Charleston, SC

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