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Michael Waas

Lorraine Bertelsen writes:

Re Michael's Presidential message to the SIG, I wonder if it might be possible
to consider a project which would index the online Riga Archive family/revision/
census records - say just listing the family name, shtetl and online
page number?
Such an index would give so many people easier access to the records which now
involve searching through hundreds of pages, trying to recognise the right family.
Such an index would make it so much more possible for us tiring and aging brains
to find our families.
I have done something similar for the shtetl of Piltene partially. I
was only concerned with family names of mine and other names that I
found out were related because of my examination. I am happy to
contribute to completing an index of the shtetl of Piltene's main
revision lists. Having gone through all the revisions for Piltene, I
can tell the SIG that several of the revision lists contain
interesting stories and facts such as an ancestor of mine was recorded
as both the Cantor and teacher of the school in Piltene on his
disability application to avoid being drafted into the Czar's army
during the invasion by Napoleon.

Best Regards,

Michael Waas
Sarasota, FL
Researching: BLUMBERG, GLASER, LEVENSON, FEITELBERG (Piltene; Talsen; Windau)

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