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<< I'm researching the family of my late father, Samuel Kernkraut, who was
in Oswiecim in 1905. Their father was Asher Zelig. Samuel and three
brothers, Charles, Max and Israel (there was a 5th brother, name unknown to
me), moved to Trinidad in the (late?) 1930s where they lived until 1949.
My father and Max came to Toronto, Charles and Israel moved to New York.
My father married my mother (a Litvak!) in Toronto in 1950. Since my father
died in 1961 and no brothers remain alive, I don't know a lot about their
early years. I'm wondering if anyone knows about these Kernkrauts and/or
other Galicianers who left Poland for Trinidad.

Regards, Judy (Kernkraut) Kasman
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


There is some information about the history of Trinidad Jews, especially
those who fled Hitler during the 1930's at:

A little more information about Trinidad Jews can also be found by scrolling
down the page at:

A descripion of a documentary film entitled "Oskar and Jack" about twins
born of German woman and a Romanian-Jewish man, one of which twins went with his
father to Trinidad during the 1930s, while the other stayed with his mother
and became a member of the Hitler Youth, can be read at:

I did a cursory seach for "KERNKRAUT" at the JRI-PL website (Jewish Records
Indexing Project-Poland, I used the Daitch Mokotoff soundex utility for the
search. There was no listing for Oswiecim, but Ms, Kasman may want to try this
search herself for KERNKRAUT or for any alternative soundex spellings this name

Naomi Fatouros (nee FELDMAN)
Bloomington, Indiana
Researching: BELKOWSKY and BIELKOWSKY, Odessa,St. Petersburg and
Berdichev;ROTHSTEIN, Kremenchug; FELDMAN, Pinsk; SCHUTZ, RETTIG, WAHL, Shcherets; LEVY,
WEIL, Mulhouse; SAS or SASS,Podwolochisk; RAPOPORT, Tarnopol, Podwolochisk,
Berdichev; BEHAM, Salok and Kharkov; WOLPIANSKY, Ostryna.

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