KARZ from Krakow region #galicia



we are new to this list.
We are researching the KARZ family >from the Krakow region. Unfortunately we
know so little about our anchestor Max KARZ and his family. Max was born
about 1890 in a town near Krakow and after World War I expelled to Romania
(Transylvania), where he settled down and had 3 children (two of them emigrated
later to Germany). >from 1940 until Sept. 1944 he was arrested in Concentration
Camp Tirgu Jiu/Romania. He died in 1946. There are rumours that he had at least
2 brothers and perhaps a sister, who stayed near Krakow. One of his brothers
had a warehouse or shop in Krakow or near Krakow. We are wondering if anyone
knows perhaps something about KARZ families who lived near Krakow or
somewhere else in this region. Every help is appreciated.

Regards Almut Reimer
Stuttgart, Germany

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