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I suggest you might search Bauer, my family came >from Central Europe and the
spelling was changed to Bower. I don't believe Bower is a Eastern European

Ron Bower

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I am researching my grandfather, Simon Bower, who was born in
Manchester, UK. His parents, Max(well) and Leah were born in 1881 in
'Russia' (I don't know what part, or what year they moved to the UK).
Simon's siblings included Minnie, Barnett, Harry and Manuel. Some
moved in the 1940s/50s to South Africa, Australia and possibly New
York. They may have then gone onto other countries, but we have no
details of any of them.

Love to hear any advice on the above - and on where in 'Russia'
(Latvia?Other?) Leah and Max might have been born. Thanks, Tracy

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