3 names in 1 family #galicia

Jacqueline Pollak <j.pollak@...>

My grand-parents Abraham ASCHER and Mariam POLLAK or TREITLER lived in
Stanislawow (Galicia);. Between 1900 and 1910 they had 4 children; Here are
their names : Osias TREITLER, Golda ASCHER, Salomon POLLAK and Herschl
ASCHER. In the Belgian certificates of marriage etc, Osias TREITLER is the
son of Mariam TREITLER and Abraham ASCHER; Salomon POLLAK is the son of
Mariam POLLAK and Abraham ASCHER. Everybody tells me Mariam TREITLER and
Mariam ASCHER are the same woman.
Abraham ASCHER died in New York, his wife in Stanislawow. I don't find that
Mariam POLLAK or TREITLER in the JRI.
Can somebody explain me how the same woman can have 2 different surnames ?

Jacqueline Pollak

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