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Ben Forman

Hi Genners

I have posted on Viewmate three exceprts >from an 1811 housing list for
Hazenpoth in Courland relating to my Benson family, I would be really
appreciative of a translation of each of these documents if possible.

The URLs are:

Many thanks as always in advance for your time

Ben Forman
Manchester UK,(currently exiled in London)

searching: BENSON: Hasenpoth/Courland;
CAHN/CAHEN/WOLF: Zuendorf/Bruhl/Lechenich/Ahrweiler;
FURMAN: Kaluszyn;
GEVER: Daugavpils/Dvinsk;
SAWADY: Zavadi,Posen;
STILLMAN: Pilica/Ogrodzieniec/Czestechowa;
ZEYDER/SEIDER: Kursan,Lithuania

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