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Michael Waas

Arlene Says

I think members would rather have a complete Index of names than no names at
all and as I have pointed out once you have the names you can pursue your research
on the Raduraksti site and Christine's site.
You cannot call it complete because that is what lies at the heart of
the problem. I think that if it were advertised as incomplete, we
would not be complaining. But the fact is, you cannot call it complete
when it is not. You talk of privileging those who can afford it on
LitvakSIG; I agree, it sucks terribly for someone like me who can't
afford it at this time. But you are also privileging information
elsewhere. It's not just Dvinsk. You write that the links are
included, which is simply not true. Talsen doesn't have it beyond a
link to the first page of the census records. I was lucky enough to
find two families I was looking for yesterday because I selected pages
at every 50 pages to see if I could find the street because I could,
in some cases, recognize what was written. It is worth remembering too
that knowing other languages in archaic scripts is also privileged and
not all of us even know what we are looking at.

I can only speak for myself but I am tremendously appreciative of the
hard work done. But I can tell you that until yesterday, in my Latvian
family research, we had no idea one family had children and that could
have been easily rectified with a note for each family that children
exist. A notice costs nothing and in fact, may have even brought money
into the SIG or even directly to the wonderful States Archivists in


Michael Waas
Miami, FL

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