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Marlene Bishow <mlbishow@...>

Dear Galitzianers:

About a week ago, while querying the Family Tree of the Jewish People for
some information for a cousin, I got carried away and plugged in some other
family names. When I put in DEUTSCHER, I got quite a number of hits, but as
I browsed the list, I recognized a name! The entry said Unknown DEUTSCHER m.
Scheindel (Jennie) Pack. Well, I had a great aunt Jennie DEUTSCHER and her
maiden name was PACK. Could this be her? I sent an email to the researcher
who had posted the information.

A short time later I heard >from Anita and we went back and forth putting the
pieces to the puzzle together. Yes, her Jennie PACK DEUTSCHER born in
Drohobyz, Austria was my great aunt and the wife of my paternal great uncle
Harry DEUTSCHER, born in Rozniatow, Austria. I filled her in on their
children, Ruth and Herbert, and theri children too! I was even able to
provide her with digitized images, some dating back to 1912. We continued to
chat back and forth..........

At some point we discovered that Jennie's brother Aaron died in 1940 and his
widow, Gussie, married the widower of another one of my relatives, my
paternal great aunt, Esther KATZ TEPPER. Her widower was DAVE TEPPER. Anita
mentioned that she could confirm the TEPPER connection because Gussie TEPPER
is buried with her first husband Aaron PACK. Dave TEPPER is buried with his
wife Esther. I was even able to identify Dave's resting place in New
Montifiroe Cemetery in NY.

It is really a high when you make a connection and while this was not a
major one for either of us, it certainly helped to fill in some voids.

I hope that you are having as much fun as I am......May you have many

Marlene Bishow
Rockville, MD
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