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Hi to the list!

I'm new to the list and Jewish Genealogy in general.

I'm currently researching my wife's ancestry. Her NYC birth
records were sealed by her mother when she was born, so after a
lenghty process we just finally obtained her maternal grandparent's
names in October, and it appears both trace back to Latvia,
even though they met and married in Brooklyn, NY.

Her maternal grandfather is the son of Israil MARKUS and Pesa
HIRSHFELD married in 1882 in Riga. They all migrated to Brooklyn
except Isreal. Pesa also went by Pessie, and Bessie and Pauline
after immigrating.

Childern are:
Jake MARCUS (1899) who immigrated as Lankel MARCUS
Vera MARCUS (1898) who immigrated as Dwoire MARCUS
Louis MARCUS (1892) who immigrated as Chazkel MARCUS
Charles MARCUS (1889) who immigrated as Zalel MARKUS (Held by
immigration as a political Agitator)
Harry Marcus (1883) who possibly immigrated as Hersh MARCUS. (My wifes
Max MARCUS (1886) prior name unknown.

Her maternal grandmother, Fannie NADLE, was born in england as Fanny
NODEL, and grew up in Ireland as Fanny NOODLE. Fannie's Father Samuel,
born in 1875 to Benedict and Sarah NADLE, lists his nationality as
Russian and Later Polish, but his brother Isidore, born in 1886, lists
his birthplace as Tuckum Courland, so I assume Samuel at least lived in

My current quandries are what names Harry and Max might have immigrated
with, and what surname the NADLEs might have used in Tuckam as I cannot
find immigration info on any of them.

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly

Thank You,

Dennis Donovan
Pensacola FL

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