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Hi everyone. As part of my cruise of the Baltics in July, I will be
taking a side trip to Plunge and Kretinga in Lithuania after
disembarking in Klaipeda. The plan is to then drive (with a guide
and driver) to Liepaja. >from there we would drive 4 hours (looking
at Googlemaps) to meet the ship in Riga the next day. We need to be
back on board at 2PM.

I did want to include Liepaja since my grandmother was born there,
and that is where the family left for America in 1900. I'm starting
to second guess myself and am wondering if I will get a good sense of
this city as it was when my grandmother with her family. I already
know that the street where my great-grandfather's shop was is now a
very big thoroughfare and that this is a modern city. I do wonder
if I am pushing this agenda, given the time constraints.

My guide comes very well-recommended, however, she has not been very
communicative. Has anyone made this journey? Wondering if I should
keep it a day trip to Plunge and Kretinga and forget the overnight
piece. If we do the 2-day trip, we would not have time to sight-see
in Riga. Worth the trade-off?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Elaine Bush

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