Town of Banik in Galicia #galicia

Rony Shaham <rshaham@...>

Dear SIGers
I will very much appreciate any help to identify the present day name of
the town/shtetl referred to as "Banik (in) Galitzien" on the Hebrew
tombstone inscription posted on viewmate. To see it please click on the
link below
I was not able to find Banik or Bonik or Bunik (the Hebrew/Yiddish
letters are "beit"-"alef"-"nun"-"yod"-"kof") or any reasonable
equivalent using the ShtetlSeeker, so I assumed it was the "Yiddish"
name of the shtetl and I posted the inscription on Viewmate and this
query on Galicia-SIG and Ukraine-SIG, to see if someone can help me with
the present day Polish/Ukrainian name of the town >from previous
knowledge or any written sources other than ShtetlSeeker.
Rony Shaham

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