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Phyllis Kramer

We are offering two courses in March...

First Basic I - Search Strategies. If you want to use the Internet for
genealogical searches, you need Google. Google is a fabulous search
tool. Knowing tips and tricks to make it work for you will make your
searches faster and more productive. This class is two weeks and is
accompanied by a workbook of daily lessons with skill building
exercises. Tuition for this class is $18. The fee will be waived if
you qualify for JewishGen's Value Added Services, having made a $100
donation to the JewishGen General Fund within the past 12 months.
Registration is open and will be limited to 50 students.

Second - Complex Genealogy in the U.S.
Looking for someone in the U.S.? If despite basic online research you
have not yet found the Hebrew names, birth year or town for your U.S.
immigrant consider this course as it focuses on the more complex
documents our ancestors generated including Naturalization, Passports,
Death Records (Probate, Obituaries, Cemeteries), Newspapers, City
Directories, Immigration Ports, Major Archives and Libraries, Military
records, State and Federal Government Records and Internet Search.
Students are encouraged to post one ancestral branch and the
instructor will respond with answers to questions and suggestions on
avenues to research; this Mentoring process is unique and quite
valuable. Tuition is $125. Registration is open.

Next step is to read the full descriptions, including requirements,
and enroll at

and Happy Hunting!
Phyllis Kramer, VP, Education
Nancy Holden, Instruction Manager

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