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Jennifer Mendelsohn <jennifer@...>

Thanks to all who replied to my earlier query.

With the help of Seth Nasatir, I suspect that my great-great
grandmother's maiden name was something like

The family lived in Bauska and in Schoenberg, where my great-grandfather
was born in 1862. Sarah Hoda Chanensohn would have married Mendel
Mendelsohn circa 1853. Their children were

1.1. son Schmul (Chaim-Schmul, Chaim-Schmuel) Mendelsohn, born on
January 22 of 1854 in Schoenberg
1.2. daughter Chana-Bascha Mendelsohn, born on February 27 of 1856 in
Schoenberg, died on October 12 of 1857 in Bauska, burried at the Jewish
cemetery in Birsen (Birzhai),
1.3. son Mowscha-Behr Mendelsohn, born on August 17 of 1858 in
1.4. daughter Dweira-Dobra Mendelsohn, born on April 3 of 1860 in
1.5. son Itzig (Itzka) Mendelsohn, born on January 22 of 1862 in
1.6. son Aron-Marcus Mendelsohn, born in about 1866
1.7. daughter Chane-Ette Mendelsohn, born in about 1866
1.8. son Wulf Mendelsohn, born in about 1871
1.9. daughter Chinendel (Sheindel?) Mendelsohn, born on July 3 of 1874
in Schoenberg.

If anyone, by any chance, has connections to the Mendelsohns or the
Chanensohn family, please let me know.
Jennifer Mendelsohn
Baltimore, MD

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