need help #galicia

arie meir

Hi to everybody who can help me,

I'm looking for an American Jew who made a few years ago a family tree.
During his research he came to Bracha Gal >from kibbutz Maagan Michael in
Israel. Unfortunately she don't remember his name. In this tree he
mentioned a Chana Sara Stolzberg >from Przemysl. This Chana had a
daughter named Rachla (Rachel) who married my grand father Chaim Glaser.
They had a daughter named Debora, which was born in 1927. My grand
father, his wife and daughter disappeared during world war 2.

My grand father Chaim Glaser Lived in Vienna got divorced >from his first
wife ( which was my grandmother) in the early twenties and afterwards he moved to Przemysl in Poland.

I'll be grateful for any information

Arieh Mayer
Haifa Israel

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