Latvia SIG #Latvia Re: Migration patterns from Lithuania to Latvia #latvia

Steven Greenberg <steve@...>


I too have the same interest. I had always believed one line of my
tree originated in Kraslava in Latvia just to the East of Daugavpils
(Dvinsk). Indeed, after uncovering the address of my 2nd great
grandmother in Kraslava, I visited (twice now).

But, more recently, I have learned that the family moved >from Kowno
(Kaunas) to Kraslava some time in the 1880s for reasons unknown.
Contemporaneously, a large number of the family emigrated to the US.

I can only assume that some political or natural event caused the
sudden migration. I intend to investigate.

Steven Greenberg
Boca Raton, Florida

KAHAN (KAHN) in Latvia/Lithuania (Kraslava/Kaunas)
URETSKY in Belarus (Karpovitz) REINFELD in Poland (Lubaczow)
HOLTZ in Poland (Lubaczow) ERTAG in Ukraine (Grodek)
KUSHNIROVE in Ukraine (Zlatopil)
GREENBERG in Ukraine (Gwozdziec)
ROSENWASSER in Ukraine (Gwozdziec)

From: Feige Stern <>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2016 03:16:29 -0500

Hello fellow Latvia researchers,
My Schenker family lived in Dankera (aka Glazmanka, Gostini) Latvia,
but I learned that they were originally >from Birzai, Lithuania. I've
noticed that a number of other researchers' families also followed
that migration pattern, and I wonder if anyone knows the reason for
this? Was there some event that caused so many >from Birzai to move
to the Courland area of Latvia? I would be interested to hear >from
other researchers if you've ever learned about this.

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