Latvia SIG #Latvia Need more names read on records written in Russian/Cyrillic in order to complete Latvia births database #latvia

Stephen Weinstein

I am working on getting Christine Usdin's work into an Excel
spreadsheet so that it can go on Jewishgen. These are written in the
old Cyrillic script that was used in Russia until almost 100 years

I need someone who can read it to decipher a few things that she
missed or did not record clearly. Most of these are records where she
put down the parent's names, but not the child's name. There are also
a few records where she seems to have garbled things a little, so that
I cannot tell which entry in one column corresponds to which entry in
another column. And there is one half page that she seems to have
missed entirely.

Please provide the child's name for each of the following records:

1. Dvinsk 1891 page 44
(need child's name for all 4 records, #87, #120, #121, #122)

2. Dvinsk 1891 page 90
(need child's name for all 4 records, #169, #214, #215, #216)

3. Dvinsk 1891 page 97
(need child's name for all 4 records, #232, #176, #233, #234)

4. Dvinsk 1891 page 99
(need child's name for all 2 records, #239, #240)

5. Dvinsk 1891 page 105
(need child's name for all 4 records, #249, #250, #251, #252)

6. Dvinsk 1891 page 184
(need child's name for all 4 records, #444, #445, #285, #446)

7. Dvinsk 1891 page 204
(only need the child's name for the first record, #491, already have
the others)

8. Dvinsk 1892 page 68
Christine recorded the right amount of data but scrambled it a little.
Please match up the data and indicate which child goes with which
parent, etc.

Record numbers, mohel (for males only), and date of birth:
184 9-Jul
264 Mohel: Ovsei-Elia Yudenson 6-Jul
185 12-Jul
186 12-Jul
187 12-Jul
188 12-Jul
189 13-Jul
265 Mohel: Meer Nemtshenok 8-Jul

Parents (father's given name, father's patronymic, father's surname,
mother's given name, mother's patronymic, mother's maiden surname):
Movsha Gilelevich Dik Gena-Rasha Mikhelevna Grob
Izrail Rakhmielevich Gurvich Bliuma Osher-Abovna Zelbershtein
Movsha Shliomovich Rozenkovich Sora Simenovna Bor
Simen Zalmanovich Shneider Khaya Elievna Ikhlov
Girsh-Meer Simenovich Lashev Pesha Tzalelevna Khatzkelevich
Yosel-Shmuil Gershonovich Geskin Khana-Mera Meerovna
Leizer Mikhelevich Kantor Golda Movshovna
Borukh Noson-Shliomovich Vulfson Khana-Livsha Tzal

Children's names:

9. Dvinsk 1892 page 80
(need child's name for all 7 records, #220, #312, #313, #314, #315,
#221, #316)

10. Dvinsk 1893 right hand side pages 90 and 91 (they have the same
data, rewritten, but page is torn so you cannot read it all on one
Need entire right hand side of page read: child's name, father's name,
date, place, etc., record numbers 229, 230, 231, 232, 233, all are
male; already have the left hand side.

11. Dvinsk 1893 page 92
The correct record numbers and dates are:
152 10-Jun (female)
234 6-Jun (male)
153 12-Jun (female)
154 12-Jun (female)
235 7-Jun (male)
The data Christine recorded (5 fathers, 5 mothers, 4 children's names)
is (format is date, father's name, mother's name, child's name, record
10/06 Morkha Zelikovich Frakht Enta Rubanovna Karomitzki Rivka 152
6/06 Mordukh Naftelevich Beniaminovich Liba-Bliuma Girshovna Lipovski
Naftali 234
12/06 Azriel Yudelevich Sheidmin or Sheidmen Dina Yoselevna Burgin Zlata 154
12/06 Leib-Yosel Elievich Katzkevich Tauba Davidovna Zingerevich
Leib-Sholom (this cannot be right because the child's name she put is
male, even though the date she put is one on which one females were
born) 235
7/06 Ovsei-Elia Yudenson Khaim Shkhnovich Kusner Ginda Abramovna
hiddenran (here she did not put a child's name)
Please match up the names to the dates and record numbers and provide
the missing child's name

12. Dvinsk 1893 page 97
Christine recorded the first three children's names as
I need the last two children's names (records #247 and #162)

13. Dvinsk 1894 page 238
Need the names of all 4 children (records #504, #505, #506, #507)

14. Dvinsk 1895 page 71
Need the names of the 6th and 7th child on the page, which are the
first two in the right hand column, record #373 and 374

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, CA

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