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Shalom, Galicianers!
Although I did not hear much response to my posting a few months ago about
Kernkrauts >from Oswiecim (& Trinidad), I have been able to go back on my
tree, thanks to a cousin providing me information.
I now know that my paternal great grandparents were Nachman & Mindel
Kernkraut. She was a Hojda, and since this family was prominent in the
Bochia Wishnitz area, they were known as Nachman & Mindel Rivka Hojda. They
had 9 children, the oldest of whom was my grandfather, (Asher) Zelig
Kernkraut. The only one of those 9 Kernkrauts to survive the Holocaust was
the youngest, Leon, who emigrated to Brazil in 1937.
Zelig's wife (my grandmother) was Rivka Englander and they had 5 sons, the
oldest of whom was my father, Samuel Kernkraut (1905-1961). I understand
that Zelig & Rivka also lived in Chrzanow. As I mentioned previously, my
father & 3 brothers went to Trinidad pre-war for about 10 years, then
settling in Toronto & New York; the one brother who remained in Poland
perished in the Holocaust.
I'd appreciate hearing >from Hojda &/or Kernkraut &/or Englander descendants.
Judy Kasman, Toronto
Researching: KERNKRAUT, HOJDA, ENGLANDER >from Galicia; JAFFE >from Zhitomir;
SHAPIRO form Zhitomir & Argentina; GOLOMB >from Vilna/Shirvint; KEJZMAN from

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