Looking for my family #galicia

arie meir

My name is Arieh Mayer and I'm looking for information about my
Chaim Glaser, his wife (nee' Stolzberg) and their daughter Dvora Glaser (born 1927).
Rachel Stolzberg mother's name was Chana Sara. All were >from Przemysl and
the last time my family heard >from them was before the war.
My mother ,who was born in Vienna Austria, was Chaim's Glaser's daughter
>from his first marriage and Dvora Glaser was her half sister.
If any one of the readers have any information about the people I
mentioned >from before, during or After the war or know any body who has,
please be so kind and let me know.
I'll be grateful to those who could help me solve the mystery of what
happened to them.

Arieh Mayer
Haifa Israel

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