Knihinin-Stanislawow #galicia

Jacqueline Pollak <j.pollak@...>

I know Knihinin was included in Stanislawow after WW1. But I am still
disturbed because all the vital records of my family come >from Knihinin.
Are there many people in my case ?
If you are, may be you can help me.
My grand father Abraham Ascher is easy to trace. He was born in Stanislawow
( Knihinin?) in 1871. He arrived >from Knihinin (through Antwerp) to New York
in 1922. He was already widowed.
My grand mother is a total mystery. Sometimes she is called Mariem Pollak
and sometimes Marjem Treitler.
Abraham and her had 4 children between 1900 and 1912. The first names of the
children are Osias, Golda, Salomon and Hirsh. All of them went to Belgium or
to New York.
Does anybody know something about Mariem Pollak and the children when they
where still in Knihinin. And does anybody know people called Treitler in
that shtetl or in the neighbourhood ?
I thank you a lot.

Jacqueline Pollak
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