Book on Jewish History Holdings at Central State Historical Archive Of Ukraine at Lviv #galicia

Alan Weiser <alanboy@...>

I have been informed there is a Review , "Obzor dokumental nyh
istochnikow po istoriji jewrejew w fondah Zentral noho
hosudarstwennoho istoricheskoho arhiwa Ukrainy wo Lwowe." In English,
I have been told, the title is, "The review of documental sources for
Jewish History at the Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine in
Written by Professor Jakow Honihsman. It is the 7th book in series on
Jewish History. It was published in Moscow and is written in Russian.
The Review is 8 pages and provides a list of fonds that have documents
on Jewish History and provides an annotation for each document. The
documents themselves are written in Polish, English, or Yiddish.

1. Does anyone have this Review?
2. Does anyone have first hand knowledge of the value of the
contents of the Review?
3. [MODERATOR; questions of cost of the Review and perhaps sharing expenses
have been deleted. Please contact the writer privately for details.]

Please respond to me directly if you have answers to any of the above

Alan Weiser, Coordinator
Kolomea Research Group & Web Site
Silver Spring, MD

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