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Arlene Beare

Elaine I think you are confusing Lithuania and Livonia when you say Riga
was in Lithuania at one time. Riga was never in Lithuania. Vidzeme extended
from Riga to Estonia and was Livonia or Lifland. Courland was Kurzeme and
Zemgale. If your father said they were Prussian Jews it is possible they
were >from Courland which was Germanic.
I do not know who you emailed in Riga but if you want research done then you
should contact the Latvian Historical Archives
You should also post a message on the Courland Discussion Group.
They may have originated in Lithuania and gone to live in Latvia so a
message on LitvakSIG Discussion Group may also help.
I assume you have done research on the Jewishgen Latvia Database and you
should also try the LitvakSIG Database. If you find names that seem to be
your family you should confirm with the appropriate Archive as it is easy to
make mistakes.

Arlene Beare UK
Dorfman (born Birzai Lithuania and then lived in Riga)
Scher/Blum(born Pandelys Lithuania and then lived in Riga)
Berman (born Lygumai Lithuania and then lived in Jekabpils Latvia
Samuels - Benjamin and brother Joseph Poland Krakow and Zychlin
Dembinski Zychlin
Ring Poland

-----Original Message-----

My mother always said that my father's family came here >from Riga, and that
they were Prussian Jews. When I look at historical records, such as the
census from1900, they are listed as coming >from either Lithuania or Russia.
I know that Riga at various times was part of each, but I would like to know
if her information is accurate, and how to find out more about his family.
My father's name was Nathan GROSSMAN; his parents were Ella and Joseph
Grossman. That's as far back as I have been able to go.
I have emailed with someone in Riga, who says there are no records of their
being members of a synagogue, but I would guess they would have belonged to
an Orthodox one if they did, and it one existed. Any help would be
appreciated. Thank you.

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