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Angie Elfassi


Abraham GREENSTONE, born c. 1884 in Leeds, was the son of Hanoch/Genoch/
Henry GREENSTONE or GREENSPAN b. c. 1850 or other various spellings,
born in Latvia or Lithuania. His brothers were Max KASSEMOFF b. c. 1860
d. 1939 and Leiser MULVIDSON b. c. 1845 d. 1909. The three had different
surnames to avoid conscription in Russia.

He married Mary FINESTONE (SHUSTER) and possibly Etty SEGELIN.

Judith MILLER and Helen SCHELEFF posted stuff connected to Abraham
GREENSTONE on MyHeritage. I dont have access to MyHeritage but hope
that either of these ladies read JewishGen emails, or someone who knows
them could please forward my email to them.

Thanks in advance.

Angie Elfassi

RAYKH-ZELIGMAN/RICHMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/Leeds
COHEN, Sakiai, Lithuania/Leeds
MAGIDOWITZ, Jurbarkas, Lithuania/Leeds
KASSIMOFF, Rezekne, Latvia/Leeds
ITMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/USA

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