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Arlene Beare


You need to contact the Latvian State Historical Archives and ask them
to do some research for you. There is a long waiting list perhaps a year
for results but if you give them the dates of your visit they will try
to have some answers ready for you . You can meet with them in the
archives and they will g through it with you. There is a depost but it
is not very high. The deposit is usually 100 euro.
The address to write to is irina.veinberga@... Irina
Veinberga is the Head of the Department and the research will be carried
out by Rita Bogdanova and Lena Polovceva
Give them as much detail as you know including dates when they lived in
Latvia, Family names etc

There is a lot of information for research on Daugavpils in the Jewishgen
Latvia Database including the 1897 census. If you find anything that fits
with your family let them know and they will tell you if your findings
fit with your family. It is easy to make errors when finding names
common to many Jewish people.

As far as a Latvian Guide goes I will send you the recommendation to your
personal email address as I do not think we are allowed to name
individuals on the Discussion Group. Perhaps the Guide may know of a
Guide in the other Countries you are visiting.

Arlene Beare UK

Dorfman Birzai Lithuania then Riga Sher Pandelys Lithuania then Riga
Bloom Pandelys Lithuania then Riga Berman Lygumai Lithuania then
Jekabpils Latvia Trzmil (Samuels) Zychlin Poland Kohn Zychlin Poland
possibly also Bialystock

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Sent: 15 May 2019 17:52

I am new to the group. I need some advice and assistance. I am working
on my genealogy family tree. It turns out all 3 of my grandparents are
from different parts of Russia. I happen to be going to Eastern Europe
next April and am planning visit the shtetl's of all my grandparents. I
need assistance. I have never been to Russia. Has anyone gone or knows
anyone who has?

I am looking for a guide familiar with Jewish Russia. I will be going to:
(Latvia, Moldova, Belarus, Bessarabia).

I am also looking for resources so I can best uncover my family story
before I arrive.

Leah Kushner

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