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Arlene Beare


Jewishgen Latvia Database has records >from the Extraordinary Commission.
This database consists of over 2,000 individuals residing in Riga who
are recorded as having perished at the hands of the German forces, most
during the mass killings of 1941. In fact this is only a small fraction
of the over 27,000 Jewish victims >from Riga believed to have perished by
that date.

The names database
This database identifies Jews living in Latvia in 1935. Database was
compiled by checking against Yad Vashem data and thus able to identify
Jews who perished. Read the instructions on how to use the database

You should also check the Yad Vashem databases.

Arlene Beare Uk
Dorfman Birzai Lithuania then Riga Sher Pandelys Lithuania then Riga
Bloom Pandelys Lithuania then Riga Berman Lygumai Lithuania then
Jekabpils Latvia Trzmil (Samuels) Zychlin Poland Kohn Zychlin Poland
possibly also Bialystock

Original message

Victims of WWII forest mass murders in Holocaust near Riga

My grandmother, cousin and her family were murdered in the forests
near Riga. Is there any listing of the victims or other information. I
have reviewed the University of Latvia database and found them there.
My name is Vera Salter and I live in New Rochelle NY USA

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