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luciana gandelman

Dear Genners,
I am beginning my genealogical research on my grandmother's family
from Riga. My great grandfather, Samuel Epel, came to Brazil >from Riga
around the year of 1912. As family history goes, he came ahead of the
rest of the family. Around the year of 1919 he located the family with
the help of the Red Cross and they were reunited in Brazil. So far, we
were unable to locate their names on any brazilian passenger's lists
arriving >from Europe.
I was wondering if any of you could help me with the following:
1) What could have been the most common route for migrants traveling
by ship >from Riga to South America? Any clues? Are there any sources to
research passengers/ships leaving Riga between 1912 and 1919?
2) Is it possible to find Red Cross documents/sources for people
living in Riga between 1912-1919? Would it be possible to find
documents/information on my great grandfather's search for his family
and how they were relocated to Brazil?
I am already doing research about the family with the Latvian National
Thank you in advance,
Luciana Gandelman
Searching for: Samuel Fishel Epel, Lina (Lea) Abramovitch and Slava Epel.

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